POA Network. News and updates #38


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This past month's focus for POA Network has been to BUIDL, BUIDL, and BUIDL. Our team spent a full week in Prague to not only present at Devcon but also host various conferences leading up to it. We also have some great updates to our core technology. Let's dive right into it! 

What's New with POA

1. POA Network launched ERC20 to ERC20 TokenBridge

POA Network launched the ERC20 to ERC20 TokenBridge which allows users to transform ERC20 tokens from one EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based blockchain network to another EVM based network within ONE user’s wallet. Virtue Poker, Colu, Sentinel Chain, and Swarm City are amongst the first POA Partners to use the TokenBridge! Tokens are locked in one network, and a representation of them is minted on the other network. Users can store, exchange, and spend these tokens using any ERC20 compatible wallet. Click here to view the full announcement.

2. Honey Badger BFT Update
In last month's edition of the monthly newsletter, we introduced Honey Badger BFT and how POA Network is developing and modifying the consensus model to enable larger blockchain network use. In our most recent post, we shared some insight on various consensus models and architecture attributes of the Honey Badger Protocol, such as message broadcasting, reliability, and transaction queuing. To learn more, visit the full article here and be on the lookout for the next part of the HBBFT series in December! 

3. Partnerships with ConsenSys and Compound 
POA Network has partnered with ConsenSys and Compound to  collaborate on an open-source Ethereum client called Mana. Mana is a blockchain built by using Elixir for its high-volume scalability and fault tolerance. Unlike the majority of the active nodes on the Ethereum blockchain, Mana will provide an open-source alternative to the Ethereum protocols as described in its yellow paper. By collaborating on the Mana client together, the partnership will aim to provide developers with a unique and alternative consensus solution. For more information on Mana, please view our official press release here.

4. Closing the Cash Gap with Cryptocurrency - Bloomberg Coverage  
Earlier this month, Bloomberg published an article that shared insight on the ongoing efforts by Bancor Network to assist impoverished communities in Kenya. Bancor's initiative is to provide financial inclusion and economic stimulus for the poorest by providing them with liquidity and expanding the market and economic impact. The program so far has brought concrete benefit to several communities, including over 1200 businesses and schools. Surveys have found that the program has reduced the rate of school dropouts, secured food supply for families, and increased local trade within the communities.  

Bancor Network has partnered with POA Network to build the new digital community currencies outlined in the article published. The community-currency trades are recorded on their own subnetwork, then bundled together and submitted to the main POA Network to reduce transaction fees. To read the full Bloomberg article, click here!

5. Santiment Devpost - October Edition
For two consecutive months, POA Network has been featured in the Santiment Devpost as one of the ten most active ERC20 projects. The October edition of the Santiment article focused on the current ongoing initiatives at POA Network such as the release of BlockScout and xDai Chain along with the current engagement with ConsenSys and Compound for the Mana project. Check out the full Santiment Devpost article here.

6. EverDragons Coverage
The latest Blockchain Gamer blog featured CEO of EverDragons, Patrick Rieger, and CMO, Jacqueline Hardy who had the opportunity to share their insights on the success of EverDragons and the partnership with POA Network. As part of the interview, they discussed how POA Network solved the severe congestion issues EverDragons experienced on the Ethereum blockchain. "From a developer’s point of view, it was the most advanced and used the same tech as Ethereum...That made it relatively easy to migrate Everdragons to POA, although the game’s marketplace (and some other functionality) currently spans both blockchains, so players can trade using POA or ETH." To read the full article, click here.

7. Görli Testnet is now live on BlockScout

Support for Görli Testnet has been added onto BlockScout explorer! Görli is the next generation public Ethereum Testnet that utilizes a proof of authority engine. The testnet will mimic main network conditions and provides developers with adequate tools to test DApps prior to production. All Görli testnet blocks, transactions, balances, and token transfers will now be available in real-time via BlockScout

8. POA Networks Ambassador Program
We’re excited to announce we’ll be reopening our Ambassador Program and are looking for individuals to represent POA Network globally. Please keep an eye out for the Ambassador Application form that we will be sharing with our community in the near future.

Events & Conferences

9. Status CyrptoLife Hackathon Winners
From October 26–29, POA Network judged the Status Hackathon in Prague, Czech Republic. As part of the event, we rated the top 3 developments done on POA Network and xDai Chain. We had the opportunity to sit down and talk to the various teams that participated in these developments and learn more about their projects. The top three developments were:

1st Place - xPay: An open Point Of Sale (POS) and payment platform that allows merchants to accept DAI. With this method, merchants and customers avoid the extra hassle and confusion of having to convert between different currencies

2nd Place - xDai Oracle: Email communication via smart contracts and using xDai as the gas costs to facilitate the transactions

3rd Place - CryptoTeka: A jukebox where people can upvote songs that they would like to listen to. Whenever a song ends, it’ll play the following song in the list based on the number of received votes.

To learn more about the event and the development projects, click on the following link.

10. xDai Overview - D1Conf – October 29
At the D1 Conference held in Prague on October 29, founder of POA Network, Igor Barinov, gave a presentation on the recently launched xDai Chain and the benefits of how faster transactions without the price volatility can disrupt decentralized insurance DApps. The full presentation can be viewed in the following YouTube link.

11. POA Network at DevCon – October 30 to November 2
Devcon is an annual event held by the Ethereum Foundation to educate and empower the community for building decentralized applications. At Devcon, POA Network project lead for BlockScout, Andrew Cravenho, gave a live presentation of the open-source block explorer and highlighted some of its upcoming features in the future iterations of the explorer such as ERC721 Data attribute support and GraphQL Integration.

12. BlockScout - Erlang Solutions - November 14
Andrew Cravenho gave a live demonstration of BlockScout at the Erlang Solutions webinar hosted on November 14. As part of the presentation, Andrew highlighted various use cases for BlockScout and shared how users can leverage Elixir for the open source explorer. The full presentation could be viewed here

13. VALIDATE - November 28
This event was the first edition of VALIDATE, a recurring series aimed to discuss, showcase, and assess the latest developments in distributed ledger technology aimed to power Web3.0. The event on November 28 focused on functionalities and differences of smart contracts and equivalent platforms of layer two solutions such as Ethereum, POA Network, Cosmos, and others. Founder of POA Network, Igor Barinov, presented at the event on the growth of smart contracts within the blockchain industry. 

14. #CryptoCamp at Deloitte - November 29
#CryptoCamp was held on November 29 at Deloitte Tower in Toronto, Canada. The goal of Crypto Camp was to educate, onramp, and up-skill "crypto-curious" professionals from various sectors on the blockchain technology, facilitate informed discussions, grow the community, and advance the future of blockchain technology. Lead Community Manager at POA Network, Ziggy Zeidan shared his insight on the ongoing initiatives at POA Network, such as xDai Chain and the interoperability bridges, and gave a live demonstration of BlockScout. 

15. Ethereum Meetup - December 7
The next Ethereum Meetup will commence on December 7 in Berlin, Germany. As part of the meetup, Igor Barinov will be giving a live presentation on xDai Chain. Part of this event will be livestreamed, so please check crypto.livepeer.tv to tune in. If you are in Berlin and would like to attend, please click on the following link for more information. 

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