POA Network. News and updates #40

POA Friends!

Over the past few weeks we have been working hard and have exciting updates for the community, from POA name change, community initiatives, exchange listing, overview of recent events and more. Lets get into it!

1.Powering up ETHDenver’s cryptoeconomy with xDai Chain
Setting a model for collaboration within the industry, POA partnered up with MakerDAO, Austin Griffith, Wyre, Quantstamp, and the ETHDenver crew, (among others) to develop a Dai-pegged “local coin” called buffiDai for the ETHDenver hackathon next month. Deployed on xDai Chain, buffiDai will be the preferred currency at the event. Food truck vendors, bartenders, merch tables, and even some local businesses will accept buffiDai. This serves as a major stepping stone for the POA and xDai where over 3,000 attendants will be using the network. For more information, check out the announcement on our POA Community forum.

2. POA Acronym Renamed to Proof of Autonomy
POA Network’s Tech Lead Igor Barinov has written a detailed forum post regarding the name change from Proof of Authority to Proof of Autonomy. This new consensus name better represents our overall vision, especially since decisions are made by a DAO which is an autonomous smart contract, rather than centralized points of various authorities. The full insight from Igor Barinov can be viewed here.

3. Honey Badger BFT and Threshold Cryptography
If you’ve been staying up to date with our HBBFT Series, please be sure to check out our most recent post! We’ve seen a lot of respected members in the industry praise the HBBFT consensus due to its unique benefits and edge over other models and want our community to stay educated as well. Our latest post outlines how HBBFT’s cryptography threshold encrypts and decrypts sets of transactions to enable network collaboration in order to decipher messages and construct digital signatures. It also includes links to the security audits and does a deep dive into our threshold cryptography implementations. Click on the link here to read through the full update and check out our other posts in the HBBFT series!

4. POA Network gets Binance V Label
POA Network has been verified with a V label as its officially joined Binance Info’s transparency initiative! By sharing information and progress reports through Binance directly, we’re contributing to keeping the community up to date in a trusted transparent manner. Click here to view POA’s Binance Info page!

5. POA Native Token Gets Listed on HitBTC
We are excited and happy to announce that HitBTC has become the first exchange to have both POA and POA20! Trading and deposits have been open for POA Core token since January 25th! Check out our announcement for a link to all trading pairs and watch out for a tutorial regarding how to deposit and trade on the exchange.

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6. POA Upcoming Events and Recap
Görli Testnet is a community-built proof-of-authority cross-client testnet and on 31st of January, it was the subject of the first testnet conference centered around it in Berlin! As part of the conference, Igor Barinov spoke about BlockScout Explorer, Görli testnet, xDai and the various technologies that power POA. Check out the video for the full presentation!

POA Network are also proud to be sponsoring ETHDenver from February 15-17 for a second consecutive year! This year, the POA team attendance we will include Igor Barinov as part of an infrastructure panel, BlockScout’s project lead Andrew Cravenho giving a workshop on the open source block explorer, and POA’s technical writer, Andrew Gross giving the keynote presentation of the evening! On top of that, POA Core developer Viktor Baranov will be helping helping the hackers with any issues or technical problems they may have!

As part of our sponsorship, we are distributing $5,000 equally amongst the best 10 DApps deployed to POA or xDai! Deploying to xDai or POA is very easy and we have deployment guides available. Check out the forum post for more details and feel free to drop any questions!


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