POA Network. News and updates #42

Hey POA Friends!

Welcome to Q2 of 2019! During the month of April we’ve been working relentlessly to integrate our technology with several platforms. We are thrilled to share the incredible progress we’ve made this month. Lets jump right into it!

POA Core Updates

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1. Geon App Becomes the Second Recipient of the POA Game Fund
POA Network is proud to present Geon Network as the second round winner of the POA Games Fund. Geon Network is a leader in augmented reality-enhanced location-based services and has been awarded an initial grant of $25,000 Dai, making it the largest single payment processed through Gitcoin Grants! This grant will be used to grow and accelerate traction of the Geon App - a decentralized application hosted on the POA Core blockchain.

The Geon Network utilizes POA Core blockchain to manage “Geons.” Geons are AR objects that can be placed anywhere in the world by individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and others. They store value in the form of an in-app currency and also encapsulate logic that controls how the currency is distributed to users as rewards.

Learn more about Geon Network, the grant they received and the POA Game Fund here.

2. Nify Wallet Is Back On The Chrome Store!
Two weeks ago, the Google Chrome Store took down Nifty Wallet due to minor issues with its listing status. This caused some complications for developers and users who wanted easy access from the browser to various networks including POA Core , xDai or Ethereum Classic . We are happy to report these issues are cleared up and the Nifty Wallet extension is back online! Users can once again download and update their versions of Nifty Wallet and enjoy the many features that make it a unique browser wallet. Download Nifty wallet now!

3. New Networks and Features added onto BlockScout
Over the past month, we’ve delivered three releases of BlockScout which include various enhancements, features, and the addition of new networks! Through this process, we’ve added four new networks: Lukso, Aerum, Callisto and RSK. In addition, we’ve added various new features to BlockScout including ERC-721 info on transaction pages, the ability to search tokens by name and much, much more! Check out the full BlockScout releases section on our forum, and make sure to follow our BlockScout Twitter page for the latest updates!

4. Constantinople / St. Petersburg hardfork Implemented on POA Core
On April 29, 2019 at 09:00 UTC, the fixed Constantinople & St. Petersburg hardfork went live on block 8582254 of the POA Core network. POA Core is now operating on the same patch as the Ethereum mainnet and xDai!

xDai Updates

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5. POSDAO & xDai DPOS Whitepaper
We have completed the POSDAO (Proof of Stake Decentralized Autonomous Organization) whitepaper !
What is POSDAO ? And what is xDai DPOS ? POSDAO is a new consensus designed to provide a decentralized , fair , and energy efficient staking consensus for public chains. Using this new consensus, xDai Chain will be upgraded to xDai DPOS allowing users to stake on a stablecoin-based public chain - the first of its kind! We have also created a new Twitter channel for xDai DPOS which will have the latest up-to-date xDai news! Hit the follow button here and check out our POSDAO forum for all the discussions regarding the new consensus!

7. Burner Wallet AND Portis added as xDai Validators
In the last month, both Burner Wallet and Portis were added as network validators for the xDai Chain, becoming the 5th and 6th validators on the network. As xDai continues to grow, we will seek to further improve security and decentralization by accepting nominations for new validators on the xDai network. We already have several new nominations! Check out the full list of our xDai validators to keep up to date with the latest additions!

8. Austin Griffith: Path to Mass Adoption with the Burner Wallet
Austin Griffith, director of research at Gitcoin and founder of the Burner Wallet , was a guest on the Into the Ether podcast where he discussed xDai, the Burner Wallet, and POA. On top of that, Austin discussed how the Burner Wallet idea was born and also some of the latest features and future plans for the wallet including modules. Check out the full interview here!

POA Network Events

9. POA Meetup in Bratislava!
Igor Barinov, the tech lead of POA Network, will be in Bratislava on the 9th of May to present at the official POA Meetup hosted by Open Blockchain Bratislava! Igor’s presentation will provide an overview of the xDai Chain and on-chain governance as well as the latest news about the POA Network! Check out the meetup page for more details!

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