POA Network Overview

Hello! Just published this article on our blog, as we are writing some articles to cover EVM Smart Contract Blockchains would be happy to hear your thoughts!

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And let's continue our journey of learning more about EVM Smart Contract Blockchains. POA Network is a unique one, Proof of Authority or Proof of Autonomy? Time to find out! @poanetwork https://t.co/vCLgsseXfh#SaturnNetwork #EVM #Ethereum #POA #poanetwork #blockchain

— Saturn Network (@SaturnProtocol) September 5, 2019

And you can find the first part of this series here where we looked at PoW chains:



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Saturn Network is currently fundraising to implement Atomic Arbitrage token trading, and release a cross chain dApp development kit - learn more!

we have an AMB bridge for ERC20 tokens. Let me know if it’s interesting to explore for your Atomic Arbitrage