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POA Network Updates: November 2019

We’ve been busy with updates to our protocols, including POA & Sokol, BlockScout, TokenBridge and xDai. As December starts, we are preparing the networks for the Instanbul upgrade (upgrade calendar).

Here are some highlights from November:

POA Core & Sokol Updates

POA Governance Report

We released a summary of POA governance decisions from Sept-Nov, including a measure to redirect emission funds to the POA Foundation, which passed with 14 Yes votes. This decision will help support the POA foundation to aid in development efforts and expand POA token reach.

Additional ballot results are covered in our Nov 2019 report.

Chinese Translation

The POA China website is now available! We are updating content regularly as we add it to the English site.

POA20 supported by Dex.ag and 1inch.exchange

Decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are important to the Ethereum ecosystem, and allow POA holders to achieve additional liquidity by converting POA to POA20 on the mainnet. POA20 is supported by a number of DEXs, but the rates can vary. Dex.ag and 1inch.exchange offer aggregation services, where users can find the best rates and exchange POA20 directly from these sites. We created tutorials for each service.

AnyBlock Analytics Integrations for POA and xDai

POA and xDai are now available at eth.events on the Anyblock Index! Simple and complex searches can be conducted with help from the Anyblock toolset.

Core Block Explorer: The explorer is optimized for recent block and transaction searches. Perfect for quickly finding relevant data.

Universal (Cross-Platform) Search: Search data across multiple chains, such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, POA Network, xDai and more. This is a great tool to view balances or contracts that span multiple chains

ElasticSearch API and PostgreSQL search: Learn how to setup and run simple queries with our tutorial (made for xDai but easily convertable to POA Network)

BlockScout Updates

BlockScout v2.1.1 released

The latest version of BlockScout features auto-detection of constructor arguments, additional async processes and much more.

Trustlines Network chooses BlockScout as a self-hosted chain explorer

Trustlines Network aims to promote financial & economic inclusion of all people through decentralized and open source systems. They are hosting their own BlockScout explorer instance.

Trustlines explorer: https://explore.tlbc.trustlines.foundation/

Additional projects hosting their own BlockScout instances:

TokenBridge Updates

We released several tutorials for developers, and continue working on the Binance Bridge and Arbitrary Messaging Bridge (AMB).

xDai Updates

New Validator - Anyblock Analytics

Anyblock Analytics (eth.events) was added as the newest xDai Validator. Current validators created a on-chain proposal and voted in the latest member.

Infura Support

Infura helped xDai scale for the Splunk conf.19, where 10,000+ users were actively transacting on the xDai chain. This November post summarizes the event nicely.

Defi Prime Interview

Igor Barinov was interviewed by DefiPrime.com on DeFi, xDai, and other topics.

Multisender Support & Tutorial

We created a tutorial for the token multisender app, where airdrops can be created with ease.


Saturn Wallet Announces xDai Support

Saturn Wallet is the latest wallet to support the xDai chain. Similiar to MetaMask, Saturn Wallet is a full-featured crypto wallet available as a browser extension.