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POA Network Updates: September/October 2019

It’s been a busy 2 months! Here are some highlights from September and October:

Website & Branding

We’ve updated our project websites and branding to move towards an informative, simple and organized presentation. This approach is driven by open-source, crypto-centric imperatives such as the use of hashed project name identicons to reflect the visual identity of each project.

While we have migrated basic information, we are continuing to expand each of our sites. Look for new information and tutorials added regularly, and feel free to contact us through each site with any questions or suggestions.

poa POA Network: https://www.poa.network/
spaces%252F-Lpi9AHj62wscNlQjI-l%252Favatar xDai Chain: https://www.xdaichain.com/
tokenbridge TokenBridge: https://docs.tokenbridge.net/
blockscout BlockScout: https://docs.blockscout.com/


POA presented at several events across the ecosystem in September and October.

  • DeFi St.Petersburg: Igor Barinov presented at the first first meeting of the DeFiRussia community in St. Petersburg. The talk focused on DAI derivatives, including a demo of an example chain: ETH -> WETH -> PETH -> DAI -> cDai -> rDai -> xDai -> WxDai. Date: September 13 2019

  • BlockchainUA: Igor Barinov, presented in Kyiv at the BlockchainUA conference on derivatives based on Dai and how xDai fits. Date: September 20 2019

  • Ethereum Classic Summit: Andrew Gross presented on POA tools that support Ethereum Classic, including BlockScout, TokenBridge and Nifty Wallet. Date: October 3, 2019 Read More Here

  • Devcon 5: Alex Kolotov presented on the AMB (Arbitrary Message Bridge), which allows any metadata to be bridged between 2 chains. Date: October 9, 2019 Read More Here

POA Network Updates

Kauri Partnership

Clovers Network: Game Fund Recipient

Validator DApps Update

A new Network dropdown feature allows users to access validator and vote information without connecting through a web3 wallet.

CoinPayments Tutorial

Anyone can setup their site to accept POA20 as payment for any goods or services.

Kovan Testnet Istanbul Upgrade

xDai Chain

Splunk19 Conference a Huge Success - 10,000+ new users, 40k to charity, major media coverage!!


Nethermind Client now Supporting xDai


One-Click Fiat to xDai Conversion Introduced



CryptoKitties Bridge Highlights AMB Functionality

Ethereum-Binance Chain Bridge Protocol


BlockScout 2.1 Released

BlockScout 2.1 includes visual and metadata display for NFT tokens!