POA on Ledger Nano S

Hi, I have installed the POA app on my Ledger Nano S from Ledger Live. So I went to the main menu on my Ledger and started the POA app. However, it only shows up one millisecond, and then I come back again to the main menu. Does anybody face the same problems?
Is it a valid workaround to just use Ledger’s Ethereum app instead? I know that I have to switch to POA network on MEW.
Thanks for your help.

well, I have the same proplem, when I installed POA app on my ledger nano s to receive the token from Myetherwallet , I couldn’t receive on ledger live , Actually when I’ve clicked on receive the selection of app only display certain app and POA wasn’t one of them , is there is something I can do to transfer my pOA token from MYETHERWALLET to my ledger wallet.

Here are instructions for using Ledger Nano S with both POA and POA20:


These should be helpful for you. Welcome to the POA Network forum!

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