POA road-map, long term goals and ideas

Hi POA community,
I have been following POA network for a while. Technology that allows on-network governance caught my attention. I like this idea because it aligns personal interest with the interest of the network itself. It provides a flexible mechanism to be able to come to a consensus and adapt to unforeseen circumstances in the future.
I am looking to get to know more about long-term plans, is there any resource available to learn about the roadmap? I tried to search the forum but did not find a thread.
I am also interested in personal thoughts and ideas that you don’t mind sharing about possible directions PAO may take and changes that may be necessary.
In particular:

  • future practical applications. I feel like it may get pretty creative here
  • ideas for evolving the governance mechanism. Should validators get a broader discretion in what turn the network takes and how do we create checks and balances
  • considerations to stay on top of security. How do we make sure validators are aware of security best practices
  • thoughts on protecting validators and validators’ nodes. Looks like if the network is ever under attack, chances are it would be either the nodes or the individuals

If there is a thread with similar discussion, I’d appreciate if someone points me to it.

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