Poa showing over 20 btc in trezor with only 700 ish old poa tokens?

Why does my poa tokens from back in the day show over 20 btc in my trezor but I only have around 700 poa please? Did i miss something here?
Thank you

Anybody? Please Help

Most likely it is just a bug in the UI of your wallet and it is showing the price for ETH, when you calculate it you will see that 20 BTC is roughly 700 ETH.

Weird, bc the trezor one never did that before and I updated the trezor and still shows the high btc and rev coin conversion balances. I thought I had hit the jackpot haha
Do you know why binance has the erc 20 side for the poa shut down and the native side open? I have been away from crypto for a while and when I dug back in imagine my surprise lol