POA software licensing

Checkout this article that I ran across: https://www.coindesk.com/coders-beware-licensing-issues-abound-ethereum-apps/ In light of the licensing issues that can arise in blockchain projects, has POA determined what license it is releasing public Github repos under?


Awesome catch. And critically important to the project.

I believe that the repos are themselves covered under either GPL3 / MIT licenses.

Cloning/using/modifying is perfectly fine and encouraged - keeping with the spirit of the open source movement. Other teams are greatly welcomed to take what they see/like and use in their projects/companies.

As for branding and “stuff” that is part and parcel of the POA Network - well, that’s off limits. It would be interesting to understand how these are handled - particularly for bloggers, press and such.

Perhaps a style guide and logo usage document is needed - for the use of all branding elements from outside parties. Something like:


to those ends, Ziggy created a google folder to act as a location for graphics elements for others to use. It was done to fulfill an immediate and critical need. This can perhaps be modified/moved/cleaned up… and is located at:


I’m thinking that we could also have a guidelines document to help with proper legal usage of branding elements: (I’m out and about traveling, but perhaps something like):

When the new branding assets are up and running - I’ll put in proper links/copies… Please feel free to comment as you see (I’d have fully opened this up, but thought maybe comments would be more manageable.)