POA Supports the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon With Three Bounties


As part of our mission to support the Ethereum ecosystem, we are sponsoring the Ethereal Virtual Hackathon with three prizes from the POA Game Fund! Hackers from all over the world can take part in the event, powered by Gitcoin and featuring challenges from some of the best projects out there!

For POA Network’s bounties, we have decided to create three equal prizes of $500 Dai for the best games deployed on POA Core. The barrier of entry for these bounties is simple - you can qualify for any one of the three as long as you submit the game on POA Core. The judging criteria will be based on:

  • Originality of concept.
  • Difficulty of technical implementation.
  • Fun factor!

Deploying to POA Core is very easy, and we have some resources below to help you out:

Here are the bounties we’ve issued so far:

The hackathon will run until April 30, and we will be judging the applications immediately after! If you are looking for any help, you can post questions here in our forum, or ask us in our Discord chat where we hang out!

Happy hacking and good luck!