POA Token- Use Case


Are the team still exploring uses for the POA token as per the road map? Just curious whether the team see long term value in this token.

Many thanks

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There are no new fresh ideas yet. If you have any ideas please share with the community.

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There is a massive increase in usage of POA token for gas

Maybe validators should prioritize transaction by the gas price in the future

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Here is one project that is making a big splash and deployed on the POA Core Network:

Very impressive group, excellent use for POA Core Blockchain.


Allow people to run nodes while staking POA to liquidity mine for a stable coin.

Have a DeFi exchange similar to uniswap but one that shares liquidity from several chains/protocols. People providing liquidity can earn a % of fees.

Allow people to provide liquidity cross-chain for bridging coins.

I think it would be good to have POA on other chains such as BSC/TRC/QTUM/Elrond to be able to be traded and have more use cases this way.

Would also be beneficial if the team made an official uniswap/kyber network/sushiswap listing to allow more ways to trade the token.

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Allow people to borrow assets cross-chain using POA or POA-20 tokens or POA based stable coins as collateral. Would have to be over collateralized of course for POA.

Hopefully some of these are implemented by Q4 2020 as the roadmap suggests.

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