Poa token wizard

Does this section of code produced by the poa token wizard compromise the erc-20 token contract? Ie, can someone sell a token then reclaim it?

  • Claim tokens that were accidentally sent to this contract.
  • @param _token The address of the token contract that you want to recover.
    function claimTokens(address _token) public onlyOwner {
    require(_token != address(0));
ERC20 token = ERC20(_token);
uint balance = token.balanceOf(this);
token.transfer(owner, balance);

ClaimedTokens(_token, owner, balance);


No, it is impossible

Claim tokens feature for Token Wizard was requested here.

How it works:

  • There are two ERC-20 smart contracts A and B
  • B smart-contract has ClaimTokens function
  • Someone, who has A-tokens, accidentally transfers them to B address, for example.
  • Then B owner has an ability to claim them by transferring these tokens to own address.


I now understand it after checking the request link you supplied. Nice featureā€¦