Poa tokens from binance not in wallet

Hi, on 23/6/2018 i send 37.95 tokens from binance to my metamask wallet, and they are still not in my wallet.

I have the transaction ID here:

I like to know how i can finally receive them? And i want to have the official ERC20 token contract address from the POA network please.

Have just verified that funds are in that address. Have you selected https://core.poa.network as network in Metamask?

POA is a coin, not a token, like ETH.

So, iT is not anymore an ERC20 token?

If yes please give me right contract address?

I need to recover those coins as they were send from binance to my metamask wallet?

I have last year discus with metamask support also.

They are sent the transaction was succesfull but nowhere to find.


Btw, metamask only support ERC20 or Ether only?!!!

As long as you control the private key to the address you provided above, your tokens are in your wallet - everything looks fine :slight_smile: POA is an EVM compatible blockchain, which means POA coins are ERC20 compatible and can be stored and viewed in ERC20 compatible wallets like MetaMask, Nifty Wallet, Trust Wallet App, AlphaWallet, Portis. etc.
The link you posted above clearly shows your POA is safely located at that address. In order to actually SEE your POA in any of these wallets, you need to make sure that your blockchain wallet is pointed at the POA Network. Following is a link from the POA forum on how to use MetaMask with POA Network. Once you follow these instructions, and again as long as you control the private key for this wallet, you can view and send that POA where you’d like:

Pay particular attention to step 4 for setup and step 7 for checking balances, in particular this note:
“Currently, POA token balances in your MetaMask wallet are named ETH rather than POA. This means the conversion rate is not accurate. The value next to ETH is the number of POA tokens you hold on the network you have selected.”

This means that you will see your correct amount of POA in your wallet, although MetaMask will reflect this as ETH so make sure to check BlockScout.com or Coin Market Cap to check your actual cash value. You should be good to go!

For information on other wallets and exchanges that actively support POA Network, make sure to visit the following link: