POA Value? DOT ATOM EOS ... Lets discuss this thank you

I have a qwestions someting that bugs my mind
The whole Polkadot or Cosmos or even EOS token metrix and economcis do not make any sense … look at … great project now using it but there will be no ankering on the base layer PAO network since it makes no sense.

I think it is funny to see other base netowrks like Cosmos or Polkadot and EOS being so highly valued>? It seems to make no sense since the value will not really flow there and due to bridges it makes more sense to anker on a main chain like ETH or BTC

Cryptoeconomics in general is hard to value and with no real economic engines the current value for most if not all of these projects is highly speculative. How much was TCP/IP worth in 1980s if they put it on an exchange and let people own parts of it?

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