POA voting process

On the Telegram channel people keep discussing voting to allocate additional POAs to presale from the 10% of foundation lot. It also looks like voting has taken place. I haven’t seen any voting take place in the Voting DApp though. What’s up? :slight_smile:

We used offchain voting based on email + typeform form. Only contributors to presale could work.

Onchain voting in POA Network is used for:

  • adding/removing validators
  • (in future) updating governance contracts

Btw, here is a preview of updated Governance DApp:

Add/remove validators:

Update governance contracts:


List of ballots:

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Awesome new UX. Love it!

It might be a good idea to move all POA related voting to its blockchain (for both history and transparency). I assume presale contributors can use the DApp to vote, and would need a few POA to do so? Those could be distributed to designated voters on a need to vote basis, until they are able to purchase them on the exchanges.

I guess what I’m saying is that since we have the tech for it, we don’t have to be limited to just miner voting, but can also enable stakeholder voting in the same ecosystem. Best of both worlds (PoA and PoS). Unlike with PoS where the larger the stake, the stronger the vote, in POA we could define voting forums where everyone in the forum gets a single vote on the issue at hand (in this case all the presale contributors get to vote whether to disburse another 1% of foundation’s 10% for phase 2 presale).



great idea!
We are in need of rapid feedback right now, so we have to use tools that doesn’t require any onboarding.
Once we launch mainnet, we would definitely use all the tools that we have built.
We don’t have much time at this point to explain everyone:
1)Where to get free POA testnet coins
2)How to install metamask
3)How to point metamask to Oracles’ testnet
4)Implement/audit/deploy a new contract for this kind of voting
5)Implement/test/build/deploy new voting Dapp


Michael, I think mixing PoS with PoA consensus mechanisms for governance/voting undermines the core idea behind Oracles network.


Does it though? It’s still PoA in that every voter has gone through KYC. It’s still PoA in that we don’t distribute POA to stakeholders just for staking.

Authority isn’t limited to validators. Anyone who has been authenticated and is part of the ecosystem is part of the PoA world. Mining is only one area where PoA can be applied, other being votes on specific issues affecting the users of the network at large. Several PoW networks (e.g. Dash) and I think some PoS networks (e.g. Tezos) have similar governance principle. Ultimately, neither having just miners or just users vote on all issues is practical. There are use cases for either as well as for both.

I don’t see how this diminishes the power of POA, in fact it seems to reinforce its authority-based principles (can’t vote unless you’ve been verified).

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Well, if any KYCed token holder can participate in adding/removing validators voting without actually stacking, here we have a very cheap and easy vector of attack.

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I never suggested that POA owners can vote on the round table of validators. Governance transcends the issue of board of directors membership (which is what we are mimicking here). Share owners also vote on various subjects proposed by majority stakeholders. Same thing happens with democratic voting in US. In fact some votes are designed only to inform the representatives and the community on the voters’ position. Others (referendums) do take effect. Same exact process can be enabled in POA.

  1. Validator voting: round table governance
  2. POA holder voting: dilution governance, polls

I’ve been reading up on the DASH and PIVX ecosystem, where only the master nodes can vote. Validators will soon become logically similar to master nodes, being in possession of a large number of POA. In those ecosystems, the price to masternode entry is high to very high (30K USD for 10k PIVX, 500K USD for 1K DASH - just for one vote!). When it was designed the price of the coins was low, so anyone could join the governance ecosystem. Today it’s essentially centralizing itself around the rich. The richer you are the more votes. Not very democratic.

Pure democracies don’t work. Average member doesn’t have the first clue of which way to vote and can be easily influenced. Effective representative democracy is needed to ensure capable representative leaders are steering the ship. Especially, when these captains are interested in making long term decisions that grow the ecosystem, like the validators we have here. That said, polls can be very useful as is their record on the blockchain, and some issues like this presale expansion definitely warrants a vote, since it touches on the concerns of dilution and public exchange pricing with presale contributors. What better place to conduct such votes and polls than on the POA blockchain itself?

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