Polymath.network as Validator

Polymath is using Kovan network extensively for its staging environment of our dApp. Polymath support Kovan openly and promoting as a best testnet with in the Ethereum ecosystem. We are committed to run the validator node and make it alive with all the necessary upgrades.

Mining Key: 0xfaadface3fbd81ce37b0e19c0b65ff4234148132
Voting Key: 0x923461e2b2c1d0a3c6dd273c13cca23d51e83782
Payout Key: 0x70c1ccde719d6f477084f07e4137ab0e55f8369f

Email to contact : fdevops@polymath.network.


Please install your node. The HF is planned for 2019-05-14T22:00:00Z

You are the part of validator set https://github.com/paritytech/parity-ethereum/pull/10628

Seems you tried to run an old Parity version:

Please use this instruction: New Kovan Node Setup & Configuration

Yes. I am using the same document New Kovan Node Setup & Configuration.

Parity default version is mentioned at roles/poa-parity/defaults/main.yml: PARITY _BIN_LOC: "https://s3.us-east-2.amazonaws.com/poa-builds- parity -published/1.10.6/ parity "

Therefore its using that version.

@Shivam_Agrawal please check that you have set both sections in hosts file:



@Shivam_Agrawal could you post your logs on the private page https://forum.poa.network/c/kovan-testnet/validators-support-private ? Your node seems to be launched but netstat shows that it is not connected to the peers. We’d like to see what’s the reason - the node’s log would help.

Done. Below is the link.

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Please also post content of your /home/validator/node.toml file and output of ls -lh /home/validator

I see it’s green now. Did you fix it or did it start working by itself?

Service is not able to run from the validator user and group. I need to change to root.

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Great! Since your node seems to be running fine now, please also remove temp chain archive file:
sudo rm /home/validator/parity_data/kovan-chains.tar.gz

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