Poor desperate student

Hi kovan-testnet Team,
currently im writing my Master thesis about masterdata management on blockchain networks.
I want to do some scalabilty and performance tests to differentiate between permissioned and permissionlees Networks.
would it be possible to get something like 1000 KEth?


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How are you going to use 1000 KEth?

I will deploy a single MasterData Contract and use its functions to generate something like digital twins. They will represent Corproation, Deparmtments, Employees etc…
each one will get some small Data to identify.
Furthermore you can specify external ownedAcc as admins and/or Particpants for each twin.
With theses rights you can manage the Data if needed or rate and sign Data of another twin.
guess thats all…

my app works pretty good on evan.network (https://evan.network/de/) testchain but i want some more Networks to compare to each other.

if you give me the KETH I will run some performance test and look how many twins I can deploy an use in idk 5minutes.

i really dont know how much KEth I will need.
feel free to ask some more questions

Do you have an example or Github of your DApp code? Per your first post, curious about how you might consider testing scalability and performance differences between permissioned and permissionless networks. What might you use as criteria, how would you measure and how will you categorize these differences? Interested in seeing your DApp repo. Thanks!

That are some excellent Questions!

here are my contracts…
the only one that matters is the MasterData.sol file.

i will keep it simple… i willt use the functions to deploy elements, fill them with fake data and do some of the other implemented stuff ( accesmanagement, rateing and signings). Currently I am working on the concept so feel free to make same suggestions:

The basic plan is to deploy Elements and connect them so that they represent corporations or entire supplychain ( I like the term supply networks). I will measure the time for deploying 10 Elements, fill them with data and connect them to each other. then i repeat with more Elements untill it breaks or take more than 5min or so.

After that I will do some rate, signing and data transactions to simulate usage.
i will messure the gasUsage and the time this will take.

I think there is no need to test how much data i can read from some nodes because if needed everyone can run its own node.

And in the end I will compare Ropsten, Kovan( if I the KEth) and evan.network

Do you have some tipps connect to Kovan? My current plan is to use infura but iam not sure if this maybe become a bottleneck

Sounds like you will be wasting resources that are available by simply looking up specs. Why not deploy some test networks in your college lab and test that way? Seems like there are better ways to research, particularly for a Masters thesis.

I’m not a computer scientist, I am writing my thesis in applied economics and we simply don’t have a computer lab where I can get access rights to deploy a few parity or geth nodes! I run an ganache testchain on my PC but the major difference is that I can’t simulate other users and other contracts in a sufficient way(as far as I know)…
I mean every one who wants to test his contracts could deploy his own chain, or not? Isn’t the hole point of kovin to simulate a more real world POA chain with real distribution?
Btw. I am Sorry for my bad English
And thanks for the interesting discussion

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