Portis as an xDai validator


We would love to be a validator, we are huge supporters of your platform.
Please let us know how we can move forward.



That will be Fantastic!

Hey Tom! Good to see you around here! We are working on instructions for the validators nominees and will we will propose ballots for the voting soon, so stay tuned!

Hi @tomteman

Our technical writer has just published a walkthrough / guide of what you and the new validator candidates need to do! It is published here

Any questions or issues you have please post it in our Validators Support :


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As a validator (Protofire.io) I would love to see Portis become a new validator. Count with us to publish the ballot for voting. Just follow the instruction Mr @Ziggy shared.

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Voting key: 0xeb43574E8f4FDdF11FBAf65A8632CA92262A1266

Payout key: 0x695741991a0CaB4B92a3D06D8297A261CFd679BE

Mining key: 0xb76756f95A9fB6ff9ad3E6cb41b734c1bd805103

Bridge key: 0xd40e2Aa92c089d359eAb6392a74F921C9b2ac707

Casted POA’s vote for Portis :white_check_mark:

Casted Burner Wallet’s vote for Portis :white_check_mark:


Your validator is voted in :white_check_mark: .

we will finalize the ballot and after that your node will start to secure the network. :city_sunrise:

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Thanks Igor!

I’m getting an “Invalid voting key” error on https://validators.poa.network/poa-dapps-validators/set.

I’m on the correct chain and using the validator account.

Please confirm that you are on xDai Network in Metamask and you have 0xeb43574E8f4FDdF11FBAf65A8632CA92262A1266 key selected

Also, let’s skip the step because I think your ballot should be finalized before you can sign metadata for yourself (please confirm that @varasev).
Let’s install your node, after we will finalize the ballot and you will set you metadata.

Correct, a Validator does not become active until after ballot finalization, so voting key will be rejected until such time as activation is complete.

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Also, let’s skip the step because I think your ballot should be finalized before you can sign metadata for yourself (please confirm that @varasev).

Right. The ballot must be finalized for the voting key to become active.

@radotzki friendly ping

@igorbarinov I confirm that I’m on xDai network and using this key:

I saw you updated the guide. I’m currently on vacation, I’ll set up everything next week :slight_smile:

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Done. We have a validator up and running :tada:


Great, I’ve finalized the ballot and I see your validator creating blocks.

@Ziggy please tweet about it and update corresponding posts with a list of validators


Great news. I was on a sick leave and missed the notifications. It is good we have a good voting setup.

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@radotzki Please add Portis metadata here (Set Metadata)

It will be displayed in BlockScout. Now it’s just the address