Post Crowdsale Token Distribution and Sale

Our crowsdale is active. We have set a reserve amount and also a team amount, each with its own wallet. I have the following questions about the end of the crowdsale.

  1. Upon finalizing the crowdsale my understanding is that the token quantity assigned to the reserved group wallet and the token quantity assigned to the team group wallet will be distributed fully to the respective wallets that were assigned during the crowdsale setup. Are both groups immediately transferred to the wallets upon finalization of the crowdsale?

  2. After finalizing the crowdsale, can both groups mentioned above (reserve group and team group) distribute the tokens from their wallets directly to other wallets without any restrictions.

  3. After finalizing the crowdsale, what options are available to continue to sell tokens directly from either of the two above mentioned wallets (reserve and team) without going through an exchange?

Thank you.