Post Crowdsale Token Distribution

After creating my first token MMP, I purchased my first coin during my crowdsale. I simply used the crowdsale invest now page workin ICO Wizard. I was able to purchase a token and add it to my meta mask account. However, how do I distribute/send that token to another wallet? More importantly, how do others actually invest in the ICO? I’ve read that sending ETH to the crowdsale address works provided you utilize the correct MethodID, ect. Anyhow, any pointers or tips would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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If you scroll to the bottom, you will see how the MethodID is used in MetaMask without the Token Wizard dapp. This can also be used with MEW, Parity and any other ERC20 compliant wallet that accepts additional data.

That’s super helpful. Thanks. How can I send the one token I purchased during the crowdsale? It’s just sitting in my meta mask account and I’m not entirely sure how to move it.

For example,