Potential Oracles Network Issue - 10/23/2017

OK. fixed Michael Milirud.

Network looks sane.

I see Zlata ( IP?) joined … was she? an original 12 or added by governance like me?

@777zba was a part of the first 12
She is in a plane at the moment from SFO to NYC afaik.

Will ask her ip

Hey! Yes, I am one of the first 12. Here is my IP address:

Catching up on this thread. What does hooking up nodes as peers do? Shouldn’t all nodes on the testnet already be peers, inherently?

My assumption and perhaps Oracles Network devs assumption was that Parity’s implementation of discovery protocol would take care of this but on or around 10/23/2017 ( see first comment in this thread ). Validator nodes became unaware of each other and discover protocol did not fix, so Oracles Network was essentially down or non-functional.

As per: https://github.com/paritytech/parity/wiki/Demo-PoA-tutorial Step 5 ( which describes how to Connect nodes ( Authority nodes I presume ).

By invoking the API described, I was able to get Authority nodes aware of each other and got Oracles Network into a semi-healthy state ).

I believe in next iteration of testnet aka Sokol, the parity_addReservedPeers will be externalized into config file but would need to ping Igor for details. Additionally, Igor has indicated this “discovery” issue may be “fixed” in Parity 1.8 but again I lack insight/details ( since don’t know what fundamental issue is in first place )

Also, I reached out the Parity Kovan-Testnet Gitter for help understanding what may be happening with our network and the discovery protocol. No one at Parity has ventured to answer.

My next step is to open Issue with Parity regarding discovery protocol and how Authority nodes are maintained as peers in volatile network environment and see where that leads.

It may turn out that one of the duties of being a Validator may include uptime requirements, i.e. periodically checking the sanity of your node and ensuring connectivty to minimal set of Validator peers — either manually or via some tool as yet unwritten. Not sure.

I think think that is an accurate summary.


@wkarshat please share your IP address with us

Lillian is with us now. John, you can add her by or

curl --data ‘{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“method”:“parity_addReservedPeer”,“params”:[“enode://e38d6056b677a14ef8ab225f0362bbd6be6121b1360dc9afcfcb3855aabd2d02de0bf6d0ee4281e966fcdbf783c02e39464a6046b218c6780cce84d58cae4c04@”],“id”:0}’ -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST

Do let us know whether you want logs collected, tests run

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One way to ensure up-time in Azure is to build on top of Service Fabric, available on both Windows and Linux. It can also auto-scale, should that become necessary at some point.

FYI – Noticed Walter and Lillian had < 3 peers ( yellow ) so massaged by running:

parity_encode ( once for each )
parity_addReservedPeer ( 14x – once for each other node in the network )


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Been looking at Parity Network Configuration

Seems Parity uses network aggressively and very chatty.

If you run an internet facing node that can accept incoming connections … you can use

–allow-ips=public //this will ignore LAN peers
–no-discovery //If your node can accept incoming connections you might want to disable UDP traffic completely with --no-discovery. Other peers will find your node anyway.

configuration options.

If we satisfy the above requirements above we might consider using this config options

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@jlegassic some more configuration brain food from Kovan network

Boot node

parity —chain kovan —no-dapps —no-ui —max-peers 500 —snapshot-peers 1200 —pruning-history 1200 —jsonrpc-apis web3,eth,parity,parity_set,net,traces,rpc —no-warp —auto-update=all —allow-ips public

Authority node

parity —chain kovan —no-dapps —no-ui —password pass —max-peers 500 —engine-signer {{signer_address}} —reseal-on-txs none —force-sealing —jsonrpc-apis web3,eth,parity,parity_set,net,traces,rpc —gas-floor-target 7000000 —auto-update=all —no-warp —allow-ips public

Where did you get this from, i.e. justification unless instead of getting candy on Halloween you got Parity config options, then what costume do you wear to get those. : )

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It’s not public information. Oooops, public already. Oracleleaks presenting…

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ahhh, got it! the julian assange costume – gotta try that one next year. :slight_smile:

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Here is my list of public IPs for nodes as of 11/6/2017 @ 09:16 PST

Peers: – Igor ( bootnode ) – Henry – Lillian – JohnD – Zlata – Roman – Walter – Jeff – Michael – JohnL

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