Problem with Omnibridge

Hello i transacted through the Omnibridge from xdai to Mainnet , transaction passed but the last validator is pending, what can i do now i need to make a trade , many transactions i can see :

Pls check my AMB log : |Validator|Status|Age|
| — | — | — |
|0x4BDd205473217A1147fa364aabd6a78d5fd3EE79|Success|[10 minutes ago]xdai/tx/0x032e1e004c9fa46a0ccbab847bd2b74196e222520035dca46e5b9d1df3097168)|

2 of 3 confirmations required

Executed by Status Age
0x87533bfd390C6d11aFD8dF1A8c095657E0eeeD0d Waiting Searching Transaction…

nevermind it just showed me success usually it transacts in 2-3 minutes the most but now it needed more than 20 minutes so i got worried.

Thanks, since it was a mainnet transaction it could still take some time to be mined even if the bridge oracles are trying to choose the best gas price. Such situation is possible when the gas price growths suddenly due to increasing demand of mainnet operations.