PROBLEM with the STAKE to Gnosis flip that YOU dont see

so i supported STAKE/POA xdai from way back i watched it grow then drop, i staked my “Stake” on the eth side 20 tokens at a time thinking i was supporting the network , then XDAI decides to join hands with another, NOW i am confronted with a conversion to Gnosis a upgrade or a fancy rug pull of the “faithful” ?

the eth fees to unstake so that i may switch the forsaken STAKE for the NEW Gnosis will leave my investment to a negative, a zero sum game ! A YEAR of investing ‘wasted’ leaving NO vision of the future only a distrustful TASTE and a crippling of support for the project …


You can swap later when the gas fees are lower, the swap contracts on both Gnosis Chain and ETH mainnet are live for the next 131 days. Dune Analytics