Problems with the ICO Wizard

I was trying to test the ICO Wizard with a friend, made 1 ICO on the Kovan Testnet with no problems, but when I tryied to make a new one, I got stuck on a loading screen before I become able to inform the ICO details (Tiers/rates).

Print screen:

Error code on the Chrome Console:

Uncaught RangeError: Invalid time value
at Date.toISOString ()
at c (utils.js:377)
at e.value (index.js:195)
at e.o (index.module.js:650)
at t.notifyAll (CallbackQueue.js:74)
at r.close (ReactReconcileTransaction.js:78)
at r.closeAll (Transaction.js:207)
at r.perform (Transaction.js:154)
at i.perform (Transaction.js:141)
at i.perform (ReactUpdates.js:87)
at Object.M [as flushBatchedUpdates] (ReactUpdates.js:170)
at r.closeAll (Transaction.js:207)
at r.perform (Transaction.js:154)
at Object.batchedUpdates (ReactDefaultBatchingStrategy.js:60)
at Object.o [as batchedUpdates] (ReactUpdates.js:95)
at dispatchEvent (ReactEventListener.js:145)

It will be fixed after merging this hot fix:
Thanks for detailed description!

When the hot fix will be merged?I’ve got the same problem.

Immediately after at least one approvement. Anyway, the hotfix is implemented in pre-deployed version of ICO wizard

do you still have the same problem?