Progressbar as an xDai validator

Hello all :wave:,

Progressbar cowork & hackerspace is interested in being a validator. We are shilling xDai & POA already in our space, community, even on our podcasts already, so we are highly interested to support this projects even more. We got local community of Ethereum positive people on telegram and growing.

I heard about being xDAI validator, when I met @igorbarinov at :thinking:and I think is good to grow network.

Furthermore, :shell: Progressbar started as first Slovak hackerspace back in June 2010, we are in our 4th place as we went through expansion and held more than 1000 meetups. We are hosting mostly technical events in Bratislava, :slovakia: Slovakia.

We travel often, some of you might seen :eyes:our stickers at devcon4, Aracon or EthCapeTown

Telegram channel
Our web



Hey and welcome

Please follow the step 2 from the instruction 1: Validator Candidate Process and post your public keys here

Mining key 0x0736ba5f196d82be2016a3a051c269accf03fcb4
Payout key 0x1f7f02966b2d4486142340af6845cbafed8804d7
Voting key 0xa4c6f1e8f31fffd732cc780d89a4351d3450919f
Bridge key 0xbe5e8807521af50ad77379b5c454ea4c15f35a68

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POA created a ballot for Progressbar as an xDai validator
We cast for them :white_check_mark:

@xdai-validators please cast your vote :man_technologist:t4:

Yeah!!! Voted Yes! These guys are great candidates!

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@yangwao wanna try it one more time?