Proposal to add STAKE incentives (matched) to the SushiSwap deployment on xDai

It is not unique to SushiSwap.

Any individual or any project (already deployed on xDai or not) can come up with an idea for the usage of the funds from the Ecosystem Fund and submit a proposal: Governance - xDai

Ecosystem Fund opened just March 31, 2021, so you can see the full history of the usage in the above link but as I said, its usage is not limited to the project which just deployed on xDai. HoneySwap or any project can submit a similar proposal that would suit the needs of their protocol.

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my 2 cents:
It seems to me that 1Hive is an xdai-native community. I don’t know much about SushiSwap, but for them xdai seems to be just one more checkbox item in a list, thus the idea of supporting SushiSwap as a competitor to 1Hive at this point feels wrong to me.

Regarding the unsuccessful attempt of Igor for an economic collaboration posted in the 1hive forum: looks to me like that was just a coordination failure. E.g. I wasn’t even aware of that proposal either bcs I didn’t receive any push notification for it or missed it (as an xdai validator, I’m receiving Email digests for this forum). Maybe there was opposition expressed via some back-channels I’m not aware of, but my guess is that it was just not clear what the process for getting it done should look like and who should moderate it.

Lastly, I wonder if supporting a Honeyswap-like Dex (both Uniswap V2 forks afaik) would be a net positive for xdai even if ignoring the fairness aspect in relation to 1Hive.
It may be so if that would attract significant additional liquidity which is currently located on other chains (most importantly, from Ethereum mainnet). It could imo be net negative if it just split up liquidity currently located on Honeyswap, leading to more slippage in both.

Is there reasons to assume that providing incentives to SushiSwap would be more beneficial for xDai than doing so for 1Hive? It’s an honest question, I’m not familiar with the SushiSwap community and don’t have a strong intuition about advantages or disadvantages supporting that multi-chain community may have compared to supporting 1Hive.