Proposal to Match STAKE incentives for Agave on xDai

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Agave is a decentralized, non-custodial, money market and borrowing-lending protocol on xDai network. Agave has market cap range between $4-$8M with a current TVL in our lending-borrowing protocol and staking mechanism of about $1.3M. We are anticipating TVL to grow beyond $10M and thus will be requesting the Tier A rewards of $500k over the course of 12 months to incentivize the lending and borrowing of the protocol.

Agave is requesting $500k in STAKE incentives paid out over 1 year period 80% of rewards used for lending & 20% for borrowing, the KPI metrics are shown below. Further details of how this program would pay out can be viewed in KPI incentive program forum post

ATTENTION: The kpi metrics will limit significantly payout if TVL and Market Cap KPI targets are not met. This is not a traditional blank check farm rewards program and consideration to this fact should be weighed before casting your vote.

Agave will be matching $STAKE 1 for 1 with a similar payout of $500k in $AGVE that will target 60% incentives towards Lenders, 15% Borrowers, and 25% towards staking. Agave will also be using KPI metrics ensuring a 1 for 1 match with STAKE incentives

Do you support $500k in Stake rewards for Agave on xDai?
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What makes Agave “Tier A”?

Who gets to decide these tiers?


All of us are deciding now, what do you expect the tlv of agave to be in the near future? I think this is conservative and very achievable.

I think the good thing about this approach is if we don’t achieve the tvl requirements we receive very little rewards. So it’s not in the requesters interest to request an amount they can’t achieve or kpi will reduce payout significantly.

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