Proposal to set new minimum for dai/xdai bridge

Since gas fees on Mainnet are around 50 dai per transaction at least,it makes sense to raise the minimum amount of 10 dai/xdai to be bridged and set a new minimum to 100 dai .

Some beginners make mistake and try to bridge 10-20 dai without thinking that they will need to pay mainnet gas fees,so this would solve that issue .

Do you think minimum limit should be raised to 100 dai/xdai for bridging , and we could send them to Bitmax or BSC instead ?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think such warning message is not enough for making decision? It already appears for every withdrawal request in the xDai TokenBridge UI.

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I’m against the enforcement of a limit on contract level, but in favor of a change in the UI.
That change should imo be an UX obstacle which makes sure that only those really understanding what they are doing are able to circumvent. I’m afraid a popup with a nice big “Confirm” button won’t cut it (we are trained to just click those away without reading).
But I’d also be ok with the UI not supporting transfers <100 DAI at all.

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A new warning message for the xDai TokenBridge UI: