Protea partners up with Abridged to launch Gather on xDai Stable Chain

As we prepare for the next stage of xDai Stable Chain with the implementation of POSDAO, we are excited to see the increasing number of projects actively adopting the xDai network in its current form. The ecosystem is growing with projects like Helena, DAOG, Gnosis Safe and Burner Wallet to name a few, all of whom are actively developing on top of xDai.

The newest DApp deployed on xDai Stable Chain is Protea Gather. The Protea team are building an open-source toolkit that provides a backbone for dApps building emerging cooperative ecosystems. Gather is the first of several planned dApps Protea are building. Gather’s primary design goal is to bring communities together and encourage sustainable engagement and growth.

There are three key components to the token economics of Gather.


Every community on Gather is created with it’s own micro-economy, made possible by xDai Bonding Curves. With xDai you can buy into a community, and in exchange you’ll get community tokens.


Gather is for meetup & volunteering communities. It incentivises engagement at events & gatherings. Everyone who wants to attend a community gathering puts some skin in the game. Those who don’t attend lose out. Those who attend get a portion of what was lost.


Soon communities will be able to earn automated interest on their combined capital. The collective interest earned creates sustainable & predictable long-term income for communities, in a way never before possible.

Protea Gather is live on xDai as of today! Communities such as Token Engineering Global (a cluster of 18 meetup communities with 3000+ members) are actively migrating their ecosystem to Gather.

The Protea team recognised that the Ethereum mainnet speed was too slow for their application, and unpredictable gas and expensive gas transactions were also creating problems. After searching for other alternatives, they selected the xDai Stable Chain. With its low, fixed gas prices and 5 second block times, it was the perfect blockchain choice for deployment.

Other than the lagging transaction times present on Ethereum mainnet, several UX issues became apparent once Gather was deployed. These included onboarding issues common with an Etherum-based dApp such as registration, the need for a user to already have an address, seed key, private key and more. To address these issues, the Protea team partnered up with an open source SDK, Abridged, which allows developers to create and deploy robust dApps, while users need only a username and password to access. This makes onboarding extremely easy for new users, many of whom are unaware they are using a blockchain application at all!

“As blockchain tech continues to mature, so will our ability to abstract the complexities of using it. Until recently, creating a dApp with a familiar, quick & seamless user experience seemed an extremely tall order. But thanks to speed & stability of xDai coupled with the meta transaction features of the Abridged SDK, I believe & the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole are at the cusp of a new wave of innovation in the dApp space.” - Ryan Noble, Co-Founder

Bringing people together and encouraging sustainable engagement, Protea Gather is a decentralised ecosystem that grows communities of all kinds and rewards commitment. Gather marks the first time that Abridged compatible dApp has been deployed on xDai.

“We are excited for the launch of Gather as the first application leveraging both Abridged onboarding and xDai scaling to make a web2-like experience with web3 technology. This collaboration serves as a great step forward in creating an ecosystem of intuitive web3 applications.” James Duncan - Abridged Co-Founder

The killer combination of a fast, stable blockchain, and an SDK like Abridged, allows users to experience Ethereum and Web3 based dApps with their expected speed and familiarity of a Web2 application. Gather was the first dApp to make use of this great combination of tools, but it definitely won’t be the last!