Public Testnet Trusted Setup

Updated instructions in wiki

@johndangerstorey it is fixed in every dapp. Let us, please, know, if any problems are still exist. Thank you for report!

Using suggestion from this thread, configured MetaMask to connect to the Private Network.
Oracles extension connected to the Oracles Dev Network.
Loading in the same tab
Fails to connect to the Oracles network, producing a Warning dialog, as shown in the post by johndangerstorey

@wkarshat It was fixed a couple of minutes ago. Could you check, if this warning still appears?

Awesome, everything is setup and running :slight_smile:

However, a slight user error. I’m thinking that chrome’s auto-fill form feature put in the wrong zip for me. I thought I fixed it, but the zip that I’m registered under is not my actual zip. It should be 84601

Is this a problem? I imagine it’s only a problem if the rest of the validators do research on me and decide that something is fishy because my zip code is wrong and thus, decide to remove me from the group. Is that a correct assumption? Or will you ever be using the zip codes we provided for other things and is it even possible for me to change that? Or will I need to restart the process over?

I feel like everything was explained well in the readme and was able to follow along nicely.

It’s implemented too. Thanks for suggestion!

John, Congratulation.
With the typo, it’s not important at the moment. Although, we can test our governance app. @viktorbaranov can we update notary’s information with a ballot?

In a week or two Proof of Physical Address DApp will be ready and it will double confirm your address when you will order a postcard with a code and connect received code with your mining key.

@igorbarinov, we can update notary’s info in 2 steps with governance dapp for now:

  1. ballot to remove existing mining key
  2. ballot to add new mining key with updated notary’s info

Can we replace payout key and update his info same way?
With mining key he will be out of mining for at least two days

Looks to me like an instance is up and running, using a Free Trial Azure account. Yet to setup ssh credentials correctly to Putty into the Ubuntu environment.

Next setup wallet, mining, run some test transactions?

P.S. BLOCK TIME bar graph shows blocks just about 10s apart, but AVG BLOCK TIME lists 5.86sec.

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