Publishing smart contract

I have some ether in my wallet but when I switch to poa network, metamask doesn’t see the eth in my wallet. So I can’t send my transaction

That is because you only have ether on the Ethereum network, not on the POA network. They are two completely different blockchains and their balances do not cross over. If you are on the testnet, you will need to request from a faucet to get coins to perform your transactions. If on the public nets, you will need to fund that yourself.


So which tokens do I need to confirm the transaction. Is it Ether or POA ?

When you are on the Ethereum Network (blockchain), you need ETH to cover GAS fees. When on POA, you need POA.

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Thanks for answering that. I was unsure of the answer on this and didn’t want to answer wrong.

Please how can I withdraw the Eth sent to the smart contract address after the ICO.

Eth is accumulated not in the contract address, but in the wallet address, you indicated in step 3.

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