"Pure" functions not showing up under /read-contract tab

Here is the contract, I assume this is a general problem and not specific to my contract. It is on the Expanse blockscout (the support directed me to this forum), but I assume all blockscout might have, or at least have had previously, the same issue.

OK. I debugged this myself a bit. The blockscout ETC explorer does show pure functions, Test (0x0EC3f0eADa9c58Bedd4c84E1B53Cb8851547654e) - Ethereum Classic Explorer, but the Expanse does not, I would assume that the Expanse one has not updated to some update that the ETC one has.

They should upgrade Blockscout. This instance is using a far old version. The issue, that you mentioned, was fixed in 3.7.0

  • #3786 - Read contract: enable methods with StateMutability: pure

I would even suggest upgrading to the latest one 3.7.3.


Thanks! 3.7.0 is not that old though, April this year, while pure is from 2016. Do you happen to know, were pure functions not callable from /read_contract tab until this year? If yes, any insight in why it was neglected for so many years?