Question about ICO invest page

How could we integrate the invest page on wordpress? Let’s assume we created a ico with wizard. And want to get started with the ICO.
How to include ?

You might want to try something like this:

No iframe is not what i mean… something like api intergration or else

If you don’t want to use iframe, you can write your own invest page using ours as a pattern how to extract contact data.


Thats exactly what I need

Would it be possible to show an example how to customize .js to show a chosen contract. I mean so much icos uses wordpress. How do they integrate invest page without some external banner(in this case: poa) or info, just total supply, name of ico , start day end day and invest option with metamask or qr code.

Deneme, i was just reading your question anwers and i found very useful. Could you explain me how to sync Wordpress with all what Viktor mentioned. Thanks

Yes, please give steps. This is very useful information.

Thank you both,

Has anyone done IFRAME with token wizard?