QuickRoll - Ethereal Hackthon Entry


Choose 1, 2, or 3. A winning bet pays up to 2.49x

No sign-ups or deposits!

Automatic Payouts via POA smart contract. Absolute transparency.


Please Note - There is currently no bet animation. I simply ran out of time before the deadline, All bets are run through the smart contract the animation is just for show but it will come with V2 along with a house staking system.

There is no minimum bet you can test out the dapp with any amount of POA!

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How do I know if I win or lose?

By checking your tx on blockscout. Or watching the contract bankroll go up or down lol. I ran outta time for the bet animation but I can put a simple W/L alert or something?

Are you going to finish?

Alert would be great to implement to get a feedback from our team

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Yeah I agree.

With V2 it will have a full betting animation. I was just getting it submitted before the deadline to show a working product.

I was very impressed with POA’s TPS I haven’t witnessed any chain this fast before and looking forward to building here

Yeah mate. I’m currently very busy but I think v2 will come out around Saturday