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R&D Partners of POA Team

POA partners with many amazing organizations to build and advance the blockchain ecosystem. Below is a list of organizations we work with in support of our integration, deployment, customization and security efforts.



Product: TokenBridge

Partner Role Country Contact
Protofire Deployment
Custom development
Argentina Manuel @mgarcia Garcia
EthWorks Custom development Poland Marek Kirejczyk
PepperSec Custom development USA, Russia Roman Storm @rstorm
Deepit Work on arbitrary message bridging for ERC721 Switzerland Paolo Rebuffo

Product: BlockScout

Partner Role Country Contact
DockYard Elixir development
Deployment automation
USA Michael Dupuis
Plataformatec Elixir development Brazil Guilherme Fre
Gaslight Elixir
Frontend development
USA Peter Cananen
Ministry of Velocity Elixir development USA Doc Ritezel
Serokell Elixir development Estonia Fedor Fedorov
Protofire Frontend development Argentina Manuel @mgarcia Garcia
Block Notary Elixir development USA Igor Barinov

Product: Mana

Partner Role Country Contact
Compound Development partner USA Geoff Hayes
ConsenSys Development partner Switzerland
Thoughtbot Custom development USA Adrian Rogowski

Product: HoneyBadger BFT consensus

Partner Role Country Contact
Artis (lab10) HBBFT Integration with Parity-ethereum client Austria Thomas Zeinzinger
Lukso HBBFT Integration with Parity-ethereum client Germany Fabian Vogelsteller

Service: Grants and Social Media

Partner Role Country Contact
Gitcoin Social media promotion USA Scott Moore
Ethereum Community Fund Grant for BlockScout

Service: Deployment of custom POA networks

Partner Role Country Contact
Protofire Deployment
Custom development
Argentina Manuel Garcia @mgarcia

Service: Security Audits

Partner Role Country Contact
Blockchain Labs NZ Solidity audits New Zeland Paul Salisbury
LevelK Solidity audits USA Chris Whinfrey
PepperSec Solidity audits USA, Russia Roman Storm @rstorm
ChainSecurity Solidity audits Switzerland Matthias Egli
MixBytes Solidity audits Russia Sergey Prilutskiy
SmartDec Solidity audits Israel, Russia Sergio Pavlin
JP Aumasson Cryptography audits
Protocol audits
France JP Aumasson
Authio Solidity audits USA Alexander Wade

Service: Infrastructure

Partner Role Country Contact
Nodesmith RPC for POA Core Chain
RPC for xDai Stable Chain
RPC for Kovan Testnet
USA Brendan Lee
Infura RPC for Kovan Testnet USA Nicola Cocchiaro
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