Rate limit issue with Ethereum Classic RPC API

Hey guys,

I’m getting the error message "message": "429 Too Many Requests" more or less all the time. Is it some kind of super strict rate-limiting? I can’t seem to find a way to create an API key to increase the rate limit.

Any advice? Thanks!

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What are you doing that is causing you to be being rate-limited? How many transactions per minute or second are you attempting? If you are trying to offer some sort of commercial or overload service, consider running your own BlockScout instance.

I am sending 1 request per second and every second or third request fails. Even after many days without sending a single request, the API complains right from the beginning. It seems that there is a rate limit that is applied globally for all users. Can you confirm? Does this apply to all blockscout API or just the ETC API?

Hello, by default the global API rate limit is configured. But we already implemented optional configurations in v4.1.1: IP-based and using static API key. We prepared the release for ETC and notified the team API rate limiting by vbaranov · Pull Request #5030 · blockscout/blockscout · GitHub in order to upgrade their instance. ETC instances are not updated yet. Please ping the ETC team and let them know if you need a dedicated API rate limit.