Rebasing tokens

I’m trying to figure out what is the current policy regarding rebasing tokens.

Basically, tokens like AMPL or stETH get rebased once a day, on the Ethereum mainnet. As far as I can tell, this rebase does not happen on xDai.

I wonder what happens when you bring the tokens back to the Ethereum mainnet.

I’ve seen these recent posts:

If I understand correctly, if the token rebased down (coins were burnt) then one should only transfer across the bridge (from xDai to Ethereum) the amount left (but how do we know how much was left?)? Is this really the case? it’s quite odd.

And for tokens like stETH, that rebase up (coins are minted), is there a way to claim these extra tokens when going back to the mainnet (from what I’ve seen it doesn’t seem so).

I would be very happy to understand the entire thing better.
I understand there was some fix recently - I moved my token 3 weeks ago, so I don’t know if the fix applies to them, or what is the fix anyway.


Hi! Sorry for delay with response. First of all, thanks for raising the question! We investigated possible implications with rebasing and inflationary tokens and decided:

  • to block users to transfer rebasing tokens
  • to warn users that any accrued inflation will not be added to their balances when they exit by an inflationary token

You can get more information here: Exceptions and Special Cases - xDai STAKE. Please let us know if you see that more tokens should be blocked due to their nature or that we need to warn users about another inflationary token.