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Recover account. Where Nifty stores the wallet configuration?

Dear Nifty community,

I have an unexpected problem. Created a new account and deposited some money (in RSK’s R-BTC, to be exact). But later I cleaned browser’ s data, and loaded another wallet from seed. Unfortunately I didnt back up the new account with the deposit, and it is not appearing in the accounts list of the wallet.
I think the old configuration of Nifty must be somewhere and I must be able to recover the wallet. Or to find the private key or .dat file or whenever format the wallet data is stored.

Any tip on it?

Thanks in advanced for your time

Chromium, Ubuntu 18.04

I’ m starting to think that the wallet is restoring a different address from the seed. Because I annotated a seed, that is not valid now.
But maybe Im wrong and confused for this issue… it is possible that this annotated seed is from another wallet, but it is possible that the seed is restoring a different address?

There is no way to restore funds if you cleared Browser local storage and didn’t backup seed phrase or private key of the account.

but it is possible that the seed is restoring a different address

No, it is not possible. The same seed will derive the same accounts if the derivation path is the same.