Request 1K Keth for

We are building smart contracts for different projects at NDAX . IO (exchange). We have a backend server where you can ping requests to create new tokens from scratch, along with a set of on chain modules. It is connected to front end of new financial exchange program. Currently we are on kovan, and in order to work together on QA we will be using a lot of gas on each test. In next phase I will need to also fund multiple different accounts with keth to do proper simulation. Ive been burning through more KETH then I can request and I have demos and testers starting by next week.

Not sure what the maximum amount is, requesting 1MM. Please send to: 0x83b6F4a89EeB817060c0BE79cf95a6aD9EADF264

One of our contracts on kovan, here you can see how many txs Ive been making testing my code on my own:

Example transaction

One Million is a bit of a ridiculous request for any test network. Can’t you use fractions of a coin to test?

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Hi, is 500-1000 keth reasonable? Honestly anything helps.

The issue isn’t about testing the coin itself, every time I deploy a new token with metamask while testing the token management console- I burn about 15mm gas across 3 transactions. So I end up burning through 1-2 keth per day using metamask default settings, and now I think 3-4 more users will be rigorously doing QA on the platform so we will be burning through a lot this year. There are a lot of configurations on our smart contracts so constantly redeploying, and I won’t be able to keep up doing 1 keth faucet requests every day. Just want to keep focused on development flow and not have to worry about whether my remote testers will use up all the gas I have left them.


Sent 1k KETH for your testing purposes

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Hi , would you so kind to send KETH for testing xdefi networ.