Request 500KETH for DeFi test

Hi, we’re testing an integration with MakerDAO and Rinkeby seems to be out of order. These are some initial tests so we need to lock ETH in order to open a vault and withdraw DAI.

The account address is: 0x1Cdab7aB3D32A7b308D5EdAB8FcEBa2288Fd7acE


Can you please share more info about the project/integration? Thanks

I actually can’t as the specifics are under NDA. But this integration will:

  • Connect/deploy proxy contract on Maker
  • Mint some BAT tokens
  • Open a vault – get DAI token
  • Use DAI as collateral for another product
  • Possibly refund vault
  • Pay DAI back into the vault
  • Close it

Note: The 500 KETH are actually to be distributed across two accounts so we can work in parallel.

I have sent you 300 KETH, hope that helps you with the testing. Kovan Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

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