REQUEST for 1,000+ KETH - Protocol testing (its URGENT, PLEASE HELP)

Hi there, My name is Tural, we are doing large scale testing before we launch the platform. Because our referral program is giving 10% and 12.5% of invested amount when you refer more than either 50ETH and 150ETH . to conduct couple rounds of tests I need 1,000 + kETH for the team . My wallet address is below please help as soon as you can.

Wallet: 0x9E96317C322B6e4ee4595b41C4Bf8D0d9705F875

Thanks for understanding,

Hello -

I am assisting with this testing and I need some ETH, too. Can I get 500 KETH?


Thank You

Would you please help me with some KETH?

You can get some from this faucet: Chainlink Faucet