Request for 10 KETH for governance contract ecosystem tests

Hi everyone,

I would like to request 10 KETH for the following:

  1. the deployment of several governance-related contracts;
  2. the testing of said contracts in a closed setting; and
  3. the testing of said contracts whilst integrating with Uniswap contracts.

If possible, please send the KETH over to this address: 0x6863ea3EcC824378533A27E7B814C2b6899b83A5

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Have you tried this faucet? Faucets | Chainlink If you need more, I can send you some.

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Sent you the 100 KETH

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Much appreciated, @Mojmir! I did check out the Chainlink and Gitter faucets, but they just happened to be dripping rather marginal amounts per time period.

Iā€™m now doing this project too, can I request the same amount too?


Thank you so much.

Already sent you the KETH