Request for 10 KETH for governance contract ecosystem tests

Hi everyone,

I would like to request 10 KETH for the following:

  1. the deployment of several governance-related contracts;
  2. the testing of said contracts in a closed setting; and
  3. the testing of said contracts whilst integrating with Uniswap contracts.

If possible, please send the KETH over to this address: 0x6863ea3EcC824378533A27E7B814C2b6899b83A5

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Have you tried this faucet? Faucets | Chainlink If you need more, I can send you some.

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Sent you the 100 KETH

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Much appreciated, @Mojmir! I did check out the Chainlink and Gitter faucets, but they just happened to be dripping rather marginal amounts per time period.

Iā€™m now doing this project too, can I request the same amount too?


Thank you so much.

Already sent you the KETH

Hi there,

We are building on the enzyme protocol and we need bigger amounts of KETH for testing, as we want to extensively test our application from different wallets - we are five developers and some of the functions are pretty gas expensive.

Address 0x6E3eb8BDCfBcC8043B4AB0E05C5cd3E4c7AD3DEC