Request for 1000 KETH, for community members testing protocol


Our community members are about to test our protocol on the Kovan Network. We are a Chinese community with about 5000 people, lot people ask for the Kovan test token cause the github page down.

Address: 0x48e472D6978b8707C6C81e4Ff976B24F4Df33907

Thanks a lot!

Your users can get KETH from this faucet: Chainlink Faucet

Please it’s humanly impossible to get a good amount of KETH via “Chainlink Faucet” due to the limitation of 0.1 KETH per request, it will be highly appreciated if someone could help me out with 1K KETH for testing MonoX Protocol - a single token liquidity pool (

Kovan address: 0x9b58f37Daddd48bb46222d9Aa2fA1ED30Fe0A29F

Thanks in Advance


Hi @Liam

Please if you still have some more to spare kindly help me out as well.

Just in case here’s my address: 0x9b58f37Daddd48bb46222d9Aa2fA1ED30Fe0A29F

Thanks once again