Request for 1000 KETH for testing DeFi 401k

Hi, POA team and enthusiastic community!
I’m 0xJohnny, Contributor at Punk Protocol.

Punk Protocol is the world’s first DeFi 401k service (a representative pension plan from the United States) with optimal strategies, generating high yield. To provide periodic cash flows and snowball user’s money, the deposited asset will be automatically invested in various DeFi protocols based on smart contract logic.

I and co-contributors are testing our investment logic on the Kovan network to launch our main product. It would be great if you guys help us to test our logic and product by giving a chance to get massive KETH. Through our Punk’s DeFi 401k product, we have expectations to grow Ethereum ecosystem & DeFi market.

[Wallet Address]

Hi, @igorbarinov !
Thanks for your contribution for ETH Community.
You must be busy but, I would be happy if you kindly plz allocate the KETH for Punk Protocol.

I’ll be waiting for your answer. Thank you.