Request for 10000 KETH for Kovan Testnet application

Hi there,

We are building and we are currently setting up our Kovan testnet application for our testing needs and for third-party integration testing with other DApps.

We currently hold 41k+ ETH in our production Pool1.sol contract as shown here:

This larger amount of KETH would help us a lot to be as close as possible to our production numbers for fidelity purposes and realistic testing. NexusMutual offers cover for smart contract failure and all the numbers in the system such as the cover cost and the token price depend on the funds locked in Pool1.sol

The address we would like to use for the funds is:
Our github organization is at:
github dot com/NexusMutual

For an overview of our numbers you can check also check:
defipulse dot com/nexus-mutual
nexustracker dot io

Any other questions please let me know, thanks in advance for your help!

Dan Octavian

Hi Dan,

Glad that NexusMutual are using Kovan.
Here is 1mm KETH for the future needs

Hi @igorbarinov
We are building the defi project using mainnet and kovan testnet. We want to test the add liquidity functionality to make sure if it is working correctly and we need tons of kovan eth. Here is the project link.

Can you send us 1M keth? It would be appreciated.
Here is the address.


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Why would you need 1Million KETH for testing?

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To add liquidity to the smart contract. Because we expect to generate tons of liquidity once it is live.

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Sorry, no. This can break testing of other protocols.
Please consider to change your testing parameters.

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send me kETH please

I need many ETH for user test and add liquidity. Please send ETH for me