Request for 10000+ KETH

Hi @igorbarinov ,

How are you? Hope all is well.

We are testing our bridge between Energi testnet and Kovan testnet. As part of the test, we want our community to be able to swap for Ether @ Energi and transfer it to Kovan. We want to be able to lock sufficient amount of KETH and mint the same amount of Ether @ Energi. We would like to lock in 100,000 KETH. If you can spare that amount, it would be super.

Minimally we request 10000 KETH. We have already moved small amount of KETH that we acquired from the faucet. It is not sufficient for user testing. We have a large community of testers and anticipate that the community will grow. May like to test / learn how to use the application before actually trying it out.

Test account: 0xf02B5c0beea7e30437A55D77bb82f2bACdE40249

Best regards,