Request for 1000KETH


I am working for a company called CBI Global and we are in the process of moving our investment products over to the blockchain. One of our products is an ERC20 token bound to a Balancer pool and it is ready for testing. We are also launching our new website which gives each user their own ETH wallet.

I would like to request 1000 KETH to create a UniSwap pool so users can swap our token with ETH, as well as give each beta-user KETH to test their wallets on the beta website.

Here is a link to the token’s Etherscan contract:

And the link to the contract binding it to the BAL Pool:

If there is anything else you need to verify the project, please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

Here is the address to send to:

Thank you

here you go

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Hi, the transaction seems to be stuck. It is still trying to send and then after some time fails and requeues. Should I just wait it out?

Should be fixed by now

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