Request for 100KETH for user testing


I’m one of the devs on Moonpoker, a non custodial poker dapp running on OVM Kovan testnet. We’re planning to try to distribute the game for user testing in the upcoming weeks.

We have a small in-dapp faucet that distributes KETH to testers. I don’t really have enough right now to distribute to any significant amount of users, so I would appreciate if you folks could give me some.

Wallet: 0x2b58a8544C13C437b7442ab1dBd244B1c12fCE88


PS: Also happy to chat about it if the description interests someone! :slight_smile:

You can get small amount of KETH from Chainlink’s faucet Chainlink Faucet

also, sent 100 keth on your address

Hi @igorbarinov,
I furked a Github repo that I want to work on as a pet project, But their token on the tesnet require KETH in order to get it.
can I please have 100 KETH to the bellow address?


Thanks :pray:

Check the answer above, you can get some KETH from this faucet: Chainlink Faucet