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Request for 2000 kETH for contract testing


we are developing Synergy of Serra (https://synergyofserra.com), a mash-up of traditional, strategic Trading Card Game battles.
Before deploying our contracts to the mainnet, we want to test them on this testnet. Therefore we need a large amount of kETH.
It would be nice if you could send 2000 kETH to 0x3C2C508e43fFAb19a7e3A3BDbFe31A02970675c4

Thanks in advance

Sent https://kovan.etherscan.io/tx/0x9b6f29eafa7cd7eaae45b1dcb3d5b07b7f4a96f94c9ab4121134dc47de2807b2

How can I play the game on Kovan?

Right now, you are not able to play the game. We are testing the architecture and ERC1155 token contracts right now. If you want to be up to date with the game progress, feel free to join our discord -> https://discord.gg/2hdCA2e

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